STARS is the fastest growing college recruiting network in North America, serving student athletes looking to play at the next level. The STARS platform connects student athletes with over 30,000 registered college coaches, and has built relationships with over 25,000 high school and club coaches. Our six step core process streamlines the college recruiting experience into an easy to follow playbook to success. Give us the opportunity to show you how STARS empowers our student athletes to reach success.
Icon | Goal Setting

1. Academic/Athletic Goal Setting

It is imperative that your goals for both your academic and athletic aspirations are outlined so that creating a personalized plan is clear and concise. We will help bridge the gap between what your plan is and how your expectations are projected and managed. With our team of recruiting specialists we can confidently recommend and build a plan that best fits your needs.

Review and Plan | Academic Eligibility

2. Full Review and Plan for NCAA Academic Eligibility

The majority of recruiting teams in every division of college sports will use an athlete’s GPA standing during their placement process which emphasizes the importance of academics during your recruitment. We will conduct a full GPA and transcript review as well as taking a look at ACT and SAT options including test locations and dates. We will also help connect you with industry leading test preparation.

STARS Profile | Icon

3. STARS Profile

Creating and maintaining your personal profile is where your involvement is absolutely key. You have full control over every aspect of what you would like potential schools to see. Your profile is your academic/athletic resume that will sum up all of the efforts you have worked for years to perfect. You will create a personal statement about you, post key athletic/academic stats and highlight videos.

Create and Edit Highlights | Icon

4. Create and Edit Highlight Videos

After reviewing your profile information, the most important aspect of your digital resume is your highlight video. When there is a room full of expert recruiters searching for new talent they’re all focused on one thing and that’s highlights. We will help you create the most effective reel possible.

Icon | Evaluate and Discover

5. Evaluate and Discover Your Top Picks

Once we have fully personalized an athletic/academic plan for you, we will investigate which schools and divisions best fit your needs and requirements. We will also consider roster openings and needs from season to season. When all of your personalized plan objectives are met, you will now have a much clearer list of potential schools to devote your efforts to and focus on these targets.

One-on-One Communication | Icon

6. One-on-One Communication Coaching

We will provide you with personalized communication tutorials on how to present yourself to potential coaches and schools. It is imperative to communicate effectively during the recruitment process and to learn the restrictions and timelines in place by every division level of college sports. Whether it’s phone correspondence or email, we will make sure that you’re fully prepared to communicate effectively with potential college staff.